Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together

AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case is the best solution

AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case
AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case
AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case
AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case
AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case
AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case

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AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case

  • Enjoy better and deeper sleep
  • Feel more relaxed and at ease
  • Maintain a more stable and positive outlook
  • Boosts Health, Mood, and Energy
  • Promote a sense of calm and well-being

"Discover the Secret to Deeper Sleep with the Grounding Pillowcase"

Had enough of those sleepless nights and struggling to get out of bed in the morning?

Meet AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case. This Grounding Pillowcase, designed for your sleep routine. This pillowcase fosters a peaceful and natural sleep atmosphere. No more tossing and turning—Simply jump into bed and enjoy the bliss of a deep, refreshing sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Highly Recommended By Health Professionals


Improved Sleep


Improved Energy Levels


Pain Relief


Stress Reduction


General Well-being


Enhanced Focus and Concentration


AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case Boosts Morning Energy

AuraGrounded™ Pillow Case made with special silver fibers that help your blood move around your body better while you're sleeping. That means when you open your eyes in the morning, you'll feel like you've had a good rest and ready to start your day feeling full of energy.

Better sleep means better health, improved focus, and increased energy throughout the day. It's a simple change that can make a world of difference in your life.


Our Pillowcase Prioritizes Your Safety

Your Safety is our top priority, and the product's ground cord includes a built-in 100kohm safety protection resistance. This feature guarantees your peace of mind as you rest. Made from silver cotton material, the pillowcase is anything but ordinary. It's woven with highly conductive silver fiber in a tight pattern. Don't worry, though - you won't even feel it! It's just as comfortable as any other pillowcase, but with added benefits for your sleep.

However, the added benefit of the silver fiber is that it promotes better sleep quality, making your sleep experience even more refresh and restful.


Comfy Pillow Cover for Better Sleep

Our grounding pillow case provides a simple solution to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed when you slept. Our pillow case offers the support and cushioning you need to feel your best. Made from high-quality materials, our grounding pillow case is soft, durable, and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting comfort for years to come. So you can enjoy better quality sleep and wake up ready to tackle the day ahead.


Beat Stress & Anxiety!

By connecting you to the Earth's energy, our pillow case helps reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling calm and centered. Using our pillow case when you sleep make a big difference in how you feel, helping you cope better with life's challenges. Whether you're dealing with work-related stress, relationship issues, or just the everyday pressures of life, our grounding pillow case provides a safe and natural way to relax and calm down.


Natural Pain Relief Pillow Case

Provides natural pain relief and promotes overall comfort and wellness. By reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and soothing sore muscles, our pillow case helps alleviate pain and discomfort throughout your body. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or just looking to feel better in your body, our pillow case can help you find the comfort and wellness you deserve.

How to use the grounding Pillow Case?

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Place the Earthing & Grounding pillowcase on your pillow. If you like, you can also use another pillowcase on top of the Earthing & Grounding one.



Attach the cord to the plug, and then insert the plug into your socket. Both the cord and the plug come with your purchase.



Connect the other end of the cord to your Earthing & Grounding pillowcase.



You're grounded now! Enjoy your restful  night's sleep and wake up refreshed.

Who will benefit from the grounding Pillow Case?



The grounding pillowcase can help alleviate fatigue and inflammation, giving you the energy you need to excel in both work and life.

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Old people

Using the grounding pillowcase can improve your performance, increase your energy levels, and speed up your recovery process by reducing inflammation.  It also helps enhance blood flow, speeding up the healing process.

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The grounding pillowcase can help improve children's physical abilities and memory, supporting their overall growth and development.


Professionally Recommended and Expertly Designed

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Effective Relief for Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain: Experience instant relief from chronic discomfort and stiffness, meticulously crafted to target these specific pain areas. Designed by experts, this innovative solution provides effective relief right in the comfort of your own home.

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Restoring Posture and Mobility: Experience the revival of your body's innate movement and flexibility. By utilizing our innovative solution, you can reclaim a complete range of motion in your back, neck, and shoulders, fostering a lifestyle that is both active and comfortable.

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Sustain Your Spinal Health: Experience enduring enhancements in spinal alignment and posture. This revolutionary solution serves as your steadfast companion in preserving continuous spinal health and overall well-being.

Actual Outcomes, Actual People

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of users mentioned they slept better.

of users reported less muscle stiffness & pain.

of users reported improved general well-being.

of users reported wake up feeling refreshed! nd get more Energy.

We Are Better Than Others




Easy to use

High-quality materials


Durable and long-lasting

Improves sleep pattern

Offers various health benefits

Provides Ongoing Well-being

Lightweight Material

Regulates Blood Pressure

9,700+ Happy Customers

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Wake Up Without Stiffness!

"Finally, relief from morning stiffness and joint pain! The grounding pillowcase has changed everything for me. Now, I wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free every morning. It's made such a difference in my daily life. I'm amazed by how easy it is to use and the incredible relief it provides. This grounding pillowcase is now an essential part of my nightly routine.''

- Rick A.

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Better Solution

"Struggling with sleep issues and body pains has been a constant battle for me, primarily due to anxiety and a problematic hip. I've tried countless remedies to improve my sleep quality, but nothing seemed to work. When I came across the grounding pillowcase, it has made a significant difference. I now enjoy better sleep, wake up without hip pain, and experience reduced anxiety during the night."

-  Jeannie M.

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Relax Your Body, Sleep Better!

"Buying this grounding pillowcase was an impulsive decision, but it has proven to be one of the best purchases I've ever made. Using it is incredibly relaxing, and it has made a remarkable difference in my daily life. Ever since I started using it regularly, my mood has improved, and I feel much better overall. It has become an essential part of my self-care routine, and I'm incredibly grateful upon it."

- Dante B.


Great Investment

"At first, I was unsure about purchasing this grounding pillowcase, but now I'm so glad that I did. It has turned out to be an excellent investment. Using it is effortless, and it has made a noticeable difference in how I feel. Since I started using it regularly, I've found myself feeling more relaxed and less stressed. It has become an integral part of my daily routine, and I can't imagine going without it now. The positive impact it has had on my life is undeniable, and I'm thankful for that every day."

- Gloria  M.

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Finally Sleeping Better!

"These grounding pillowcases have made a noticeable impact on my sleep and recovery. After a few weeks of using the pillowcase under another top sheet, my partner and I started sleeping directly on it, and the difference has been remarkable. I'm sleeping deeper, recovering better, and I'm very happy with my purchase. My only recommendation would be to find a way to make the pillowcase completely white."

- Erica H.


Love These

"Living with chronic pain for years, I've finally found relief with this grounding pillowcase. It's incredibly easy to use, and the relief it provides is almost immediate. Since I started using it regularly, I've experienced a significant improvement in my overall pain and discomfort. This pillowcase has quickly become an essential part of my daily routine, helping me relax and unwind after a long day."

- Mary T.

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